Zenit releases redesigned GRG shredding pumps

Zenit’s next-generation GRG models are shredding pumps with motors from 1.1 to 7.5 kW, cast iron construction and a double mechanical seal in the oil chamber.

The pumps are for use in domestic and residential settings and in small civil or industrial plants. In civil and domestic sewage lifting systems, wastewater which has high solids and fibre content makes working conditions particularly critical for the installed submersible pumps. The optimal choice is a shredder which combines compact dimensions with high reliability.

The GRG models have a redesigned cutting device which consists of a plate with sharp-edged holes and a shaving, rotating triangular knife attached to the impeller. The solid material in the wastewater is finely shredded and can be conveyed without clogging the motor. Configurations with channel impellers do not allow effective disposal of suspended solids, while vortex impellers are unsuitable due to the presence of filamentous material.

Zenit GRG shredder pumps offer high guarantees of unobstructed operation, especially in presence of filaments and they are also recommended for systems in which low flow and high head is required.