Zenit extends Chopper Uniqa range

Zenit’s extended Uniqa range of clog-proof electric shredding pumps has high efficiency motors and a hydraulic chopper designed for heavily soiled water.

The chopping system can cut up and expel any destructible solid body in the wastewater. The re-engineering mainly focuses on the pumps’ hydraulic parts, with the use of new materials, and on the redesign of the channel impellers.

Hard cast iron is the standard material chosen for the hydraulic components. This material is much stronger than regular grey cast iron and tougher than the surface hardening treatments which are generally applied to hydraulic components. This means maintaining high hydraulic efficiency and reducing the risk of impeller blockage.

The shredding knife has also been renewed and has a new, more effective design, while the high-efficiency Uniqa series motors applied to the new chopper hydraulics are a further guarantee of sturdiness and reliability even in the most severe working conditions.