Youbo appointed as first BioGill Distributor in China

BioGill has appointed Shanghai Youbo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd as its first Distributor in China. Specialising in environmental protection and energy saving technologies, Youbo will help fast track the BioGill water cleaning technology into the Chinese market.

Commenting on the appointment, General Manager, Mr Miao Xiang-Yang at Youbo, said, “As a company, we want to provide water treatment solutions that help our people to improve the environment they are living in. Across China stricter water discharge standards are being introduced and we see enormous potential for the BioGill technology in the food processing industry as well as resort and village sewage treatment.”

Established in 2013, the core team at Youbo has worked in environmental protection and biotechnology for several decades. With a large portfolio of successful projects in water purification, sewage and sludge treatment, the company will target BioGill at Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Xinjiang, Hubei, Gansu, Shaanxi, and Shandong.

BioGill is a leading manufacturer of above ground membrane bioreactors used to clean a variety of wastewaters from food and beverage processing, sewage and grease traps. At the heart of the technology are Nano ceramic membranes™ that provide the ideal oxygen rich habitat for microorganisms, Nature’s best recyclers, to grow and flourish. This effectively turbo-charges nutrient removal from wastewater, resulting in high level reductions of BOD, COD, FOG, ammonia, total nitrogen, and organics.

“Certainly there are vast opportunities for our eco-friendly technology in China,” stated Mr Mikael Krogh, Managing Director, BioGill Asia. “Youbo has the depth of experience, expertise, and knowledge base to both launch our technology and manage the predicted large scale take up of BioGill products,” he added.

BioGill bioreactors are now operating in seventeen countries across three continents, treating a variety of wastewater from sewage treatment for remote communities through to large scale industrial water treatment for multinational companies. The technology has also received numerous awards and accreditations from both government authorities and the private sector.