Yokogawa releases new magnetic flowmeter series

The Yokogawa Electric Corporation has announced the release of the OpreX Magnetic
Flowmeter CA Series. This new product series succeeds the ADMAG CA Series and is being
released as part of the OpreX Field Instruments family. The products in this new series are all capacitance-type magnetic flowmeters that are capable of measuring the flow of conductive fluids through a measurement tube without the
fluids coming into contact with the device’s electrodes. In addition to this non-wet electrode
construction, this series features new functions that improve user-friendliness, maintainability, and operational efficiency.

The new series is available from today in most major markets, such as Japan, South East
Asia, North and South America, Oceania, the Middle East and Africa. It will also be launched in
Europe and China after qualifying for CE marking and obtaining the relevant certification for
explosion-proof standards.

The OpreX Magnetic Flowmeter CA Series, as released by Yokogawa Electric Corporation.

Development background

In plants, inspection is required for each instrument to maintain stable operation and product quality, so the efficiency of such inspections is an ongoing issue for production sites. As magnetic flowmeters have no structural components that hinder the flow of fluids and cause a loss in fluid pressure, they are used in plants to measure fluids with conductive properties. Large chemical plants and other such facilities can have hundreds of these instruments, so it is important that the inspection and replacement, as well as the collection of the data from each of these devices can be carried out efficiently. In response to these needs, Yokogawa has revamped the ADMAG CA line-up of flowmeters and developed the OpreX Magnetic Flowmeter CA Series. The new series is equipped with features to improve operational efficiency and maintainability for release in a range of regions. This will help reduce the person-hours required for customer instrument inspections and contribute to improved plant operational efficiency.

Features of the OpreX Magnetic Flowmeter CA Series

Capacitance-type magnetic flowmeters utilise electrodes that are mounted outside a ceramic measurement tube to measure the electromotive force generated by fluids passing through the tube, reportedly minimising all direct contact between the electrodes and the fluid. This ensures a stable flow measurement of fluids containing minerals that generate electrical noise when they collide with an electrode. Fluids used include latex for its insulation properties, as well as fluids that have low conductivity, such as deionised water and mizuame, also known as millet jelly. In addition to non-wet electrode construction, the newly released OpreX Magnetic Flowmeter CA Series has new features such as support for Highway Addressable Remote Transducer (HART) communications in nine different languages, device soundness analysis functions to improve maintainability and easily replaceable measurement tools to suit a variety of purposes.