Xylem’s new Avensor monitoring service delivers data-driven insights for pump stations

Xylem’s new cloud-based Avensor service allows operators to remotely monitor pump stations and other assets from their smartphones, tablets or PCs. The new service, now available in Europe and in North America in 2021, enables smart decision making based on real-time data and analysis. The service includes 24/7 expert monitoring by Xylem to ensure availability of the application.
“With Avensor, Xylem has used its domain and water technology expertise to help customers improve the operations of their pumping systems, throughout the lifecycle of the assets,” said Nils Irestedt, Product Manager at Xylem. “Avensor does this by providing recommendations and delivering data-driven insights about your assets. Xylem Services and our service partner networks are also linked to Avensor, so additional remote and onsite support are available when needed.”
Avensor provides operators of utilities, commercial buildings and residential homes with automatic alerts for the early detection of issues in order to reduce the risk of downtime. Receiving remote data and actionable insights also helps reduce on-site visits and operational expenditures.

The Avensor monitoring solution can be paired with a wide range of pumps, mixers and sensors, including Xylem’s Flygt Concertor® intelligent pumping system. The solution has plug-and-play capabilities with Xylem products and is compatible with most equipment used in pump stations. Avensor offers ultimate flexibility, including API for integration with customer systems.
In addition, Avensor is an affordable alternative to advanced SCADA systems, where integrating new devices can be complex and costly. Avensor can easily connect assets, so customers can use existing systems while protecting data. Xylem has years of experience in deploying remote monitoring systems, which are used by more than 1,500 customers and connect 15,000 pump stations.
Avensor is a digital product that is accessed by users via web and mobile apps, and is regularly updated with new releases, improved features and fixes. Following its success in northern Europe, where connected pump stations are in high demand, Avensor has added new language releases in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and ten other European languages.

Avensor monitors pump stations in one of Sweden’s largest cities
Uppsala Municipality is currently using the Avensor technology to gain extensive insights into its stormwater pumping stations. Uppsala Municipality was impressed by the instant effect Avensor had on flood and pump stoppage detection, at a much lower cost, and they will soon connect all of their storm water pumping stations with the Avensor platform.
Similar to many other municipalities, Uppsala has several pumps stations with different pumps and equipment in varying ages and systems, some of which are in remote locations with poor connectivity. This meant that before Avensor, operators had to regularly visit the stations just to check on their status.
With Avensor, Uppsala Municipality can now monitor the stations remotely in real-time, get alarms for malfunctions, and access more data and details about the assets. They can plan only necessary visits and prepare their service and maintenance resources based on real-time data.
“We are very pleased with our new system,” says Johannes Eriksson, Project Lead at Uppsala Municipality. “We have connected our pump stations to Avensor, which is very cost effective and has the flexibility to connect even old equipment of mixed origins, regardless of the size and location of the pump station. We are now in full control and can minimize the risk of flooding.”