Xylem summarises water ambitions

Xylem recently described its goal to leverage on their 2016 US$1.7 billion acquisition of Sensus, an advanced metering specialist, to go after more acquisitions in the smart water infrastructure arena.

The organisation’s acquisitions of Visenti and Sensus in 2016 have changed Xylem into a giant in the smart water sector, and they recently disclosed their identification of an “attractive and robust pipeline of complementary assets” in the space.

With US$3.5 billion in capital that can be deployed through to 2020, Xylem is well-positioned to tackle additional growth, which the corporation believes will be able to eventually increase its core earnings per share by 2020 from the eight to twelve per cent originally set in 2015.

Xylem’s share price hit their highest peak this year on Thursday, 6th April, at US$51.27, up by 24 per cent from the same time in 2016.

Source: Business Wire