Xylem provides humanitarian aid to Attapeu Province in Laos

Xylem, a leading global water technology provider, has committed to providing humanitarian supplies, equipment, and personnel to support flood relief efforts in Laos following the collapse of the Xe Pien-Xe Namnoy hydroelectric dam on 24 July 2018.

Xylem’s offices in Malaysia and the Philippines have raised funds to provide humanitarian aid to affected communities in Laos’ Attapeu Province. With the help of the Malaysian embassy in Laos, as well as Xylem’s business partner, Whessoe Lao Sole Co. Limited (Whessoe Lao Sole), Xylem will be shipping relief items such as emergency food, cooking utensils, and clothes to communities in need across all affected districts. On 28 August, on behalf of Xylem, Whessoe Lao Sole will deliver all donated items to the government of Laos through the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. The items will then be distributed by the Ministry to relief centers in the affected districts.

Xylem is also working closely with its nonprofit partner, Planet Water, to dispatch a group of volunteers to Laos on 3 September. The team will help flooded districts and villages by building aqua towers that can filter, treat and store water for drinking. Once completed, the aqua towers will support three schools and a health center in the Sanamxai District. Xylem Singapore will also donate 20 Wateroam water filter hand pumps to the affected villages.

“Our Southeast Asian teams have taken the initiative to help those hit by the disaster in Laos,” said Mr Koh Chong Hin, managing director, Southeast Asia, Xylem. “We are working hard with our regional partners to provide assistance in every way possible. Additionally, our team’s aqua tower construction project in Laos reflects Xylem’s larger efforts to protect and provide safe water resources for communities in need around the world.”