Xylem Inc., a leading global water technology company, is helping to prevent water shortages in the U.K. as part of its commitment to address scarcity and to make communities more sustainable and resilient.

Xylem’s recently published 2019 Sustainability Report, “Water for a Healthy World,” highlights the digital transformation of water solutions to create water, energy and cost efficiencies for utilities and other customers.

“More than ever, utilities are seeking to conserve water and empower their customers to make smarter decisions about water usage,” said Patrick Decker, Xylem president and CEO. “This project with Anglian Water, and our managed network partner, Arqiva, exemplifies the power of data and smart technology to address water scarcity issues. It’s a foundational step toward a resilient and water-secure future for the region.”

In the East of England, Anglian Water is actively addressing water shortages and customer education. The utility is starting to deploy a smart water network to secure its water supply, achieve sustainability goals and become a resilient, digital water utility for the future. The goal is to tackle a projected shortage of up to 30 million litres of water a day by 2025.

“Our Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP) outlines how we’ll manage demand for water by installing upgraded meters to help customers understand their water usage, as well as helping us to pinpoint property-side leaks, which can lose hundreds of litres of water a day,” said Peter Simpson, CEO at Anglian Water.

The roll out of upgraded water meters is a joint effort between Sensus, a Xylem brand, and Arqiva, a U.K. communications infrastructure and media services provider. Arqiva will operate the network for 15 years and manage more than three-quarters of a million Sensus meters in Norwich, Lincoln, Northampton and Peterborough, among other locations.

Arqiva’s fully-managed service will transmit hourly usage readings back to Anglian Water—leveraging the two-way Sensus FlexNetTM communication network solution across Arqiva’s dedicated network. Frequent data collection will allow Anglian Water to better understand its customers’ water consumption.

“We share with Anglian the imperative that water efficiency is one of the most important considerations for water businesses around the world today,” said Alex Pannell, Executive Director, Commercial Broadcast and Utilities at Arqiva. “Anglian Water operates in the driest region of the UK and supplies one of the fastest growing populations, meaning projects like this are vital in helping to avoid water scarcity in the future.

“Our solution will deliver the environmental and business value that only a secure, reliable and resilient network with clear service levels can and is built on our critical national infrastructure credentials. We can also support other areas of the water cycle such as sewage monitoring and the long-term nature of this contract allows us to work together to that sustainable future.”

As Anglian Water continues its digital transformation, analytics from Xylem will create further opportunities to manage water resources.

“Conservation starts with awareness of consumption and where leaks are happening. This program will put data into the hands of Anglian and its customers, helping them understand and then reduce water loss and change consumption behaviour,” said Colin Sabol, senior vice president and president at Xylem Measurement & Control Solutions. “The right data at the right time puts utilities on the path to reduce non-revenue water and reach their customer service and sustainability goals.”

Xylem’s annual sustainability report, “Water for a Healthy World” report is available now.