Xylem acquires Valor Water Analytics

Recently, Valor Water Analytics was acquired by industry leader Xylem Inc., a water technology company that services utility and commercial clients across 150 countries.

Founded in 2013 by Dr Christine Boyle, who wanted to bring big data solutions to water utilities in order to improve their financial and water resource sustainability, Valor created a suite of world-class software products. Now, Valor’s products are deployed in ten states across the United States (U.S.), including notable utilities such as American Water and Suez.

Its “Hidden Revenue Locator” product is widely recognised as a best-in-class technology for automated loss detection. The company remains committed to integrating its technology with all meters across the U.S. and beyond. Under the Xylem umbrella, Valor will carry on with its ambitious vision.

The alignment of Valor and Xylem in product and vision made this acquisition the right strategy for Valor’s next stage of growth. Under Xylem, Valor will continue to spearhead Xylem’s Silicon Valley branch and lead Xylem’s advanced data science initiatives. Valor’s product lines will join Xylem’s existing suite of advanced analytics products, demonstrating the value of building an innovative water technology that brings measurable value to the water sector.

As part of Xylem’s world-class team of dedicated water professionals, Valor is looking forward to playing a part in solving the world’s water issues.