World’s First Municipal Scale UV LED Water Treatment Project

Typhon Treatment Systems Ltd., a UK‐based manufacturer of Ultraviolet (UV) Light Emitting Diode (LED) water treatment equipment, has won an order to install its innovative technology at a 28 megaliter‐perday (mld) drinking water treatment plant in the Northwest of England. The facility, owned by regional water company United Utilities, will be the first location in the world to install municipal‐scale UV LED water treatment technology. The energy‐saving, low maintenance, mercury‐free equipment is being installed to upgrade the plant’s ability to treat for chlorine‐resistant pathogens like cryptosporidium.

United Utilities’ Cumwhinton Water Treatment Works, near Carlisle, will install Typhon’s reactors in parallel downstream of the facility’s filtration gallery. The equipment will be fully integrated into the existing control and monitoring system. Continuous feedback and UV LED output control assures accurate, energy‐efficient UV dose during operation. The facility upgrade will enable United Utilities to achieve its resilience goals for the next Asset Management Period. Installation and commissioning is expected for early 2020.

United Utilities’ Director of Water & Scientific Services Dr. Martin Padley states, “We spotted the potential in Typhon’s product as part of our pioneering Innovation Lab programme, now in its second year, which is designed to help incubate new tech and bring it to the UK water sector market.

“After working with Typhon to assure regulatory validation, we are confident this technology represents good value for our customers. United Utilities is committed to the future of water treatment, and this technology is part of it.”

Peter McNulty, the CEO of Typhon said, “After five years of research and development, Typhon is very pleased to be introducing this technology in 2019. The rate of improvement in performance and cost of UV LEDs, as well as the ongoing refinement of the reactor technology, indicates we are on our way to competing with a growing variety of UV water treatment applications. The future is very exciting.”