World Bank launches report on the value of wastewater

In 2018, the World Bank launched an initiative to encourage innovative thinking in the use and reuse of waste water.

The newly published report, From Waste to Resource: Shifting Paradigms for Smarter Wastewater Interventions in Latin America and the Caribbean, summarises the status of the initiative and highlights the conclusions from technical background reports, case studies and feedback received from key participants in the project.

The report concludes that not enough is being done to reclaim and utilise this valuable resource and calls for smarter wastewater management to improve public health and have a positive impact on the environment.

“At a time when 36% of the world’s population lives in water-scarce regions, wastewater treatment for reuse is part of the solution to water scarcity and pollution problems,” said Jennifer Sara, Global Director, World Bank Water Global Practice. “Once treated, it can be used to replace freshwater for irrigation, industrial processes, or recreational purposes. It can also be used to maintain the environmental flow and by-products from its treatment can generate energy and nutrients.”

The rest of the report may be viewed on the World Bank’s website.