With an IE5 rating, Grundfos debuts one of the world’s most efficient motors

For the very first time in the Asia Pacific, Grundfos, a pump manufacturing pioneer, has launched one of the world’s most efficient motors. The new generation of Grundfos MGE motors – which range from from 0.25kW to 11kW – are now capable of attaining this “super” status.

Known for their dedication to supporting worldwide efforts to lower energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, in line with the Paris Agreement commitments, Grundfos has achieved the highest efficiency level available for electrical motors in the market today, these MGE IE5 motors will enable Grundfos pumps to reach 10 per cent in energy savings and 25 per cent in payback time, as compared to the IE3 solution.

The key to Grundfos’ new MGE motors’ unparalleled performance is their state-of-the-art intelligent solutions as they adapt to the surrounding system which, coupled with the high-efficiency IE5 motor, drive down energy consumption.

With their integrated frequency converters, these motors combine Grundfos’ accumulated pump experience with their dedicated control software. This combination of pump and customisable software optimises a system’s performance for any load point, delivering an unsurpassed reduction of energy consumption.

Reaching IE5 in efficiency means that businesses, residences, and industrial players will all not only meet, but even exceed IE5 premium efficiency legislative standards set worldwide, including the European Union (EU), the United States (U.S.), as well as Australia, China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan in the Asia Pacific region. Moreover, to align with international standards, minimum energy performance standards for industrial motors in Singapore will be set at the IE3 level from the 1st of October, 2018.

“Sustainability is a very important part of Grundfos’ DNA and we aim to create cleaner and more energy efficient technologies to enable our customers to reduce their water and energy consumption to limit the impact on the environment,” Eric Lai, Regional Business Director – Industry, Asia Pacific Region, Grundfos, said. “Our new MGE motors are a result of our continuous development efforts and extensive experience in the pumps sector. They perform to the highest standards and we are proud to announce they have been awarded IE5, the highest energy efficiency rating worldwide.”

The new IE5 classified MGE motors have a wide range of applications in industrial and commercial building sectors making them the ideal solution of choice for businesses in Asia Pacific’s thriving markets.