Western Water first water corporation in Australia to digitalise with Veolia

Recently, Western Water, based in Victoria, Australia, became the first water utility to digitalise itself with Veolia’s Waternamics©, an online water and sewer management system.

In July 2016, Western Water chose Veolia to implement its technological solution that can enhance water utilities’ situational awareness to improve everyday decision-making.

Based on IBM’s core data management software components, Waternamics© is a customised solution Veolia developed using its operation expertise in water and wastewater management in order to integrate utilities’ network and operational data sources.

Part of the Intelligent Water Networks Programme (IWN), an industry partnership involving 17 water corporations from Victoria, Australia, the programme includes the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, and VicWater. Established in 2010, IWN concentrates on supporting and implementing new water and wastewater management technologies and practices which can drive process efficiencies and improved quality outcomes for Victoria, as well as the industry as a whole.

“Co-developed with our global municipal clients such as Lyon, France, and Tidworth, United Kingdom (U.K.), Waternamics© allows water utilities to achieve efficiencies by creating a single consolidated data reference point to make informed decisions,” Kate Dryden, Executive General Manager – Growth for Veolia Australia and New Zealand (VANZ), said. “The platform unifies a utility’s major systems and combines data sets, which could include work orders to customer information, laboratory data and asset information, that when brought together enables staff to search in one place to locate the root cause of any water asset or network issue before tackling it, saving them time as well as customers’ money.”

But on top of improving water utilities’ access to information, the platform can help operations reduce their fault numbers, as well as their overall environmental impact. As the platform can also enable process efficiencies for both customer service staff as well as operators, their response times for issues efficiencies can decrease significantly, thereby increasing their overall customer satisfaction.

“We are grateful for the opportunity given to us by Western Water and IWN to pilot this product in Australia and look forward to working with them in 2018 during the 12-month trial ‘running’ phase,” Dryden concluded.