WER open access article describes research on mainstream nitritation-anammox processes

The open access article in the July 2018 issue of Water Environment Research(WER) discusses the progress in research on mainstream nitritation‐anammox processes as well as the possibilities of future development.

“In their review of mainstream nitritation/anammox wastewater treatment, Li et al. discuss the current status and major challenges facing this novel treatment strategy,” WEREditor-in-Chief, Tim Ellis, said. “In an effort to become more energy efficient through the reduction of aeration requirements, nitritation/anammox offers significant promise as well as substantial obstacles. The authors conclude that an effective A-stage COD pretreatment process is needed to have a suitable and stable pre-treated wastewater, in addition to an effective strategy to retain ammonia-oxidising and anammox bacteria and repress nitrite-oxidising bacteria and denitrifiers.” 

Selected WER articles such as this one are available free to the public on a monthly basis through an open access programme. In addition, authors can pay a fee to make their accepted articles open access. Status, Challenges, and Perspectives of Mainstream Nitritation‐Anammox for Wastewater Treatment” by Xiaojin Li; Stephanie Klause; Charles Bott; and Zhen He can be downloaded on the WER website

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