WELTEC BIOPOWER becomes a member of the American Biogas Council

In 2008, WELTEC built one of the largest RNG plants in the world in Germany

In January 2021, German biogas plant manufacturer WELTEC BIOPOWER joined the American Biogas Council (ABC). The Washington-based association has been campaigning for the interests of the American biogas industry since 2010. The ABC represents biogas and biomethane plant operators, research institutions, municipal suppliers and manufacturers along the biogas supply chain. International Sales Manager Dr. Kevin Monson will represent WELTEC BIOPOWER in the US market. 

“We look forward to our commitment in the USA and are convinced that we can contribute to the growth of the biogas industry. Our tried and tested technology delivered under one turnkey contract and handed over at full output will be particularly attractive to developers looking for proven quality high-uptime plants with short lead-in times.” Said Monson.

The conditions for this are already favourable; even before President Joe Biden‘s climate plan, which aims to promote sustainable energy generation with a total of around two trillion US dollars. With the help of the budget, the USA is striving to be able to supply itself completely with carbon-free electricity by the year 2035. 

With the compact gas processing unit from WELTEC – as here in France – a quick plug-and-play setup is possible

“Made in Germany has always been a synonym for high quality engineering and together with our American partners and our experience from over 300 anaerobic digestion plants, we are confident that we can make our contribution to making the USA climate-neutral by 2050,” said Monson. 

One of the strengths of the WELTEC Group, which was founded 20 years ago, is the design, build and support of unique and technically sophisticated systems. Each project is designed and planned individually by WELTEC engineers using tried and tested technology. Customers from the fields of waste recycling, wastewater treatment and agriculture from 25 countries on five continents appreciate this. 

“We’re incredibly excited to have WELTEC join the American Biogas Council. Their leadership and reputation in the industry precedes them as a result of their scores of installations worldwide. We’re excited to have them help us grow the biogas and RNG industry in the US,” said ABC Executive Director Patrick Serfass.

It is advantageous that WELTEC uses mainly its own biogas technologies. Among other things, the German biogas specialists design their own stainless-steel digesters, which have the benefit that they can be transported in a space-saving manner and are ready for operation within a very short time. 

A Finnish biogas plant built by WELTEC uses the RNG directly on site at its own truck filling station

In addition, WELTEC has expertise in using the climate-neutral gas. Through their own portfolio of plants in Europe, the company generates 3.53 billion cubic feet of biogas annually, which is upgraded to RNG for gas grid injection. In addition, the use of RNG is everyday practice at many other plant locations. For example, a biogas plant built by WELTEC in Finland, uses biomethane to refuel trucks, and another plant in France refuels CNG/RNG tractors. 

“Based on these two decades of AD experience, we see ourselves as an attractive partner for American developers, financers, agricultural businesses, supermarket and restaurant chains, food manufacturers and municipalities. There are numerous opportunities to benefit from the RNG subsidies, offset fossil fuel use and to promote climate protection with the conversion of organic wastes to clean-green locally sourced RNG,” said Monson.