WEF: January open access article examines effect of solids retention time on particle size distribution and reactor performance

The open access article in the January 2018 issue of Water Environment Research (WER), Impacts of SRT on Particle Size Distribution and Reactor Performance in Activated Sludge Processes by Zhongtian Li and Michael Stenstrom, assesses the impact of solids retention time on key indicators of wastewater quality, including particle size distribution. 

“In their paper on solids retention time (SRT) and particle size distribution, Li and Stenstrom used laboratory-scale modified Ludzach-Ettinger and integrated fixed film activated sludge systems to make key performance comparisons,” Editor-in-Chief of WER, Tim Ellis, said. “They also studied five full-scale systems to observe the effect that SRT has on particle size distribution and sludge settleability. The study demonstrated that increased SRT led to larger mean particle size distributions and improved sludge settleability.”