WEF formalises their commitment to intelligent water systems and smart water networks

The Water Environment Federation (WEF) has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN), agreeing to jointly advocate the development of best industry practices for more efficient and sustainable smart water networks.

Even as the water industry continues to promote and adopt innovation, smart water networks have emerged as a popular way to use technology to optimise systems operations. Smart water networks have a range of applications, from detecting system leaks to managing energy. As technological advancements continue to alter the water arena, the qualifications for jobs in the water industry change as well, presenting those in the sector with an opportunity to equip water professionals with new skill sets and knowledge. Through this partnership, WEF and SWAN will continue to promote development in water’s workforce.

“Supporting innovation is essential to the water sector, and to further development of intelligent water systems,” Eileen O’Neill, Executive director of WEFF, said. “The memorandum of understanding between WEF and SWAN is the first step to create the kind of collaborative engagement needed for the future of the sector.”