Webinar will introduce faster, more cost-effective wastewater testing for early detection of COVID-19

In-Situ Inc. will partner with GT Molecular Inc. and EcoLucid Inc. to present the webinar “Advancements in Wastewater Monitoring for COVID-19 Community-Spread Detection,” on July 14, at 11am MT (July 15, 1pm SGT).

As more municipalities turn to wastewater monitoring for early detection of COVID-19, these three companies are uniquely positioned to provide an end-to-end solution to improve the process.

In-Situ is a leading manufacturer of environmental water monitoring equipment and serves the wastewater monitoring market through its ChemScan line of analysers and related products. GT Molecular has developed a Molecular Diagnostic Assay for the rapid detection and absolute quantification of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in wastewater samples. And EcoLucid provides water resources strategy, innovation, and engineering consulting and advisory services for public and private-sector clients.

GT Molecular will lead the discussion with an overview of wastewater monitoring for the COVID-19 virus and explain the advantages of a now-available, fee-for-service assay that uses digital PCR. These include reduced cost, faster results and greater sensitivity.

The webinar will also cover strategies for effective data collection, hydraulic modelling in a municipal setting and statistical analysis for actionable results, and a review of recommended sampling equipment.

“All of us here at GT Molecular are committed to improving people’s lives through the detection of harmful pathogens and by providing ultra-sensitive tests to assist with cancer diagnosis and treatment,” says GT Molecular CEO Christopher McKee. “This new application for wastewater showcases the effectiveness of our patented technology in tracking the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and I’m delighted with the excellent work our team has delivered in a very short time.”

To develop and validate its testing method, GT Molecular has partnered with the City of Fort Collins, Colorado, researchers at Colorado State University, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and many local utilities in the state. This partnership includes a project with Fort Collins Utilities and CSU to monitor influent at the city’s wastewater reclamation facilities.

“The City of Fort Collins Utilities has appreciated a long-standing working relationship with In-Situ and their innovative approaches to water quality issues,” says Jason Graham, the city’s Director of Plant Operations, Water Reclamation and Biosolids. “GT Molecular continues to provide valuable partnership to provide early detection of COVID-19 community spread through innovative wastewater epidemiology techniques.”

Wastewater professionals in municipalities currently monitoring wastewater for early detection of COVID-19 or interested in starting a sampling program are encouraged to attend this timely and informative presentation.