Webinar: Water Digital Twins for Improved Decision-Making & Optimised Asset and Process Management

Digital Twins are no longer a novel feature for plants and utilities – they’re an industrial necessity, and many water companies today have realised the importance of digital advancement for operational continuity.

In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this awareness. With Digital Twins, water management can reach its next level of digitisation and intelligent automation, make plant and network data available across the life cycle, and allow for the optimisation of plant and network operations.

In this webinar, industry experts will share their opinions on some of the latest advancements for Digital Twins, and elaborate on how these can be utilised in the water industry through the integration of new Digital Twin technologies from Bentley and other third-party solutions – regardless of the digital maturity of your organisation.

Some key questions that will be addressed during this webinar:

  • What are Digital Twins and how can they benefit your organisation?
  • How are others already reaping the benefits of Digital Twin solutions?
  • How can you use Digital Twins to benefit your organisation?
  • What are key industry players doing to enable Digital Twins for the water industry?​

Speaker profiles include:

Richard J. Vestner, Senior Director – Digital Solutions

As the Senior Director of Digital Solutions under the Digital Cities arm of Bentley Systems, Richard holds a PhD in advanced wastewater treatment from the Bundeswehr University Munich, and is a founding member of the German Water Partnership (GWP) and an elected Board member.

With a strong background in civil engineering and Industry 4.0, Richard has witnessed and contributed to digitalisation in the water industry, and is at the forefront of the continued evolution of Digital Twins in the water sector.

Miguel Soares, Product Consultant

Miguel is a product consultant for Bentley’s water solutions, with a focus on Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). He strives to accelerate user productivity and engage users in a more efficient workflow, through the adoption of Bentley’s solutions.

He holds a master’s degree in civil engineering, in the expertise area of Hydraulics and Water Resources. He is also directly supporting Product Management in the development of Digital Twin solutions for water utilities.

Before joining Bentley Systems, Miguel worked for six years in a Portuguese company that holds 13 water utilities in Portugal and Brazil. His main work was related with supporting and developing several network efficiency projects in water and drainage networks, including both engineering project and also information systems implementation and support. He has also worked for several water utilities in Portugal, Brazil, Chile and the Philippines.

Wagner Oliveira de Carvalho, Senior Project Manager

Wagner is the Senior Project Manager at AEGEA, a private group of Water and Sewer Utilities which holds 23.6% of the Brazilian private sanitation market with operations in 48 municipalities and over five million inhabitants served.

Due to his engineering expertise in the water industry in Brazil, Wagner has been invited to present scientific articles at international conferences such as Cleantech Conference (Washington DC), SWAN Conference (London/UK), World Water Tech & Investments (London) and Singapore World Water Week 2016 (Singapore).

Daniel Chua, Moderator

Daniel Chua has performed an active role in marketing and communications aimed at sustainable and innovative water treatment technologies for over a decade. He believes that Water Innovations applied collectively can help address Environmental imbalances whilst bettering people’s lives, and considers himself privileged to be able to support leading water industry innovators in their drive to meet these aims.

Water Digital Twins for Improved Decision-Making &
Optimised Asset and Process Management

Date: 24 November 2020
Time: 4pm GMT+8