Wavin Singapore wins at SBR International Business Awards

Wavin Singapore, a solutions provider for the building and infrastructure industry, has won in the Construction Technology category at the SBR International Business Awards with the launch of the Wavin Tigris K5/M5 in the APAC region.

Released in APAC in 2021, Wavin Tigris K5/M5 is said to be the first fitting with an acoustic leak alert designed with the needs of contractors and built installers. It has since expanded its line-up of pipe and fittings solutions. The next generation of the Wavin Tigris K1/M1 has been used in building constructions of Outram Community Hospital located within Singapore General Hospital, the eight-story Tampines Care Home, and the Watercove Seafront Village.

With water damage as the second most frequent cause of loss during building projects, pressure testing with air assures that no defects caused in electrical installations, new flooring, or fresh drywall.

During the leak and pressure tests using air, this fitting enabled detection of leaks that helped identify the loose fittings in a construction and built environment. Any unpressed fitting will make a loud whistle sound of up to 80dB, making it easier to locate the source of the leak. The Wavin Tigris K5/M5 is said to be the first fitting to be equipped with such a leak detection system.

Leakage testing using air prevents bacteria development as a result of water stagnation between testing and use. The air testing method operates at 0.15bar is a rapid, clean and safe tool for inspecting prefabricated installations. Without pipes freezing, pressure tests in the winter are also made possible. Further, there is no need to have a water supply onsite, as it is sufficient to use a basic air compressor.

The Wavin Tigris K5/M5 fittings’ multi-jaw feature makes it simple to switch to the Tigris without purchasing new equipment. Simultaneously, system warranty can be kept as it works with the majority of pressing jaw profiles. It also has optimal flow due to its enlarged inner bore, which provides up to 50% more flow area than a standard radial press fitting. This reduces pressure losses and allows for a better flow rate.

This annual awards programme hosted by Singapore Business Review honours foreign companies in Singapore and recognises outstanding projects that earned them a foothold here