Water’s Next Award recognises LuminUltra® for their innovative technology for drinking water

LuminUltra, a company that specialises in microbiological monitoring and control solutions based in New Brunswick, Canada, received the 2017 Water’s Next Award for its innovations in drinking water technologies. Pat Whalen, president of LuminUltra, won Water’s Next Award for his business achievements in 2016, and was a finalist for the 2017 award in the same category.

LuminUltra representatives accepted the award during Water Canada magazine’s yearly gala at the Sheraton Centre Toronto following the Canadian Water Summit.

The Water’s Next Awards acknowledges the accomplishments of individuals and companies that drive innovation in the Canadian water sector, and is presented annually to projects and technologies that have benefited municipal water treatment and/or conditioning, and water purification.

LuminUltra offers real-time, on-site microbiological monitoring and control products and services based on its second generation ATP® (Adenosine Triphosphate) technology. This technology provides operators with a rapid and accurate means of quantifying total microbiological activity in drinking water, as well as in wastewater processes, allowing them to take real-time action to alleviate microbiological issues.

“Our team at LuminUltra works to help water systems operators better understand and proactively manage the risks of microorganisms in water,” LuminUltra’s Research and Development (R&D) Manager, Jeremy Duguay, said. “Our microbiological testing technology is fast, versatile, portable and accurate, making it easy to ensure the safety of drinking water systems. It makes it possible for water system operators to have critical information in minutes rather than days.”