Water’s Edge CDD has irrigation system retrofitted with ITS’s water pump control system

Irrigation Technical Services, a local leader in the irrigation industry, has completed its service of retrofitting the water pump controls and injection system for Water’s Edge CDD irrigation system after being converted to the County Provided Reclaimed Water System.

ITS’s retrofit package takes advantage of modern technology to run water management systems at peak efficiency. Along with powerful pump station controls, ITS’s innovative injection system controls the growth of water pollutants such as Bryozoan and algae, which would otherwise have the ability to significantly impact the performance of water delivery within irrigation systems.

“One major challenge has been the effect Bryozoan has had on the piping and sprinkler head systems. ITS’s staff has helped guide us through the challenges that the changeover has created. Daniel Hodges, ITS’s Director of Pumps and Controls advised us to install the chemical injection system onto our pump station using his thorough knowledge of water delivery systems.” Rodger Leblanc, Chairman of the Water’s Edge CDD explained.

Realising the need for proper equipment and controls, ITS has developed systems to meet all customer’s needs. By creating pump stations with unsurpassed control, and utilising materials and components designed to endure the Florida environment, ITS has formed a new standard within the irrigation industry.

ITS is a full-service water management provider and has been involved in the irrigation industry for over 45 years. From maintenance and repair to water management, including variance acquisition and water use permits, ITS possesses the talent and experience to keep your investment in perfect working order.