WaterMeter Corp, WND Mexico and UnaBiz deploy Sigfox 0G technology in Mexico

Mexican water measurement solutions company WaterMeter Corp, WND Mexico and UnaBiz has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to deploy 1 million water metres with Sigfox 0G technology in Mexico over the next decade which aims to sustainably revolutionise water administration and management in the state.  

From left: Henri Bong, co-founder and CEO of UnaBiz; Marco Mendoza, CEO of WaterMeter Corp and Daniel Guevara, CEO of WND Mexico

Sigfox 0G technology, operated by WND Mexico and owned by Unabiz, monitors water resources in Mexico with Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. WaterMeter Corp utilises this technology as it is said to communicate equipment in a dispersed or sectorised way without the need to install concentrator antennas, repeaters or gateways on public poles, providing a cost-effective water metering solutions for municipalities in Mexico. Currently, the 0G network reportedly covers more than 60% of the national population. After the first stage applied to horizontal and vertical condominiums nationwide, the second step has been called ‘IoT technology for everyone, everywhere’.

“We hope to transform the smart water metering landscape with 1 million connected water metres over the next 10 years,” Guevara, the CEO of WND Mexico said. Co-founder and CEO of UnaBiz added, “With a track record of connecting more than 2.6 million metres around the world through the Sigfox 0G network, we will deliver water metering solutions that will help Mexican municipalities address the challenges of water scarcity, non-technical losses, and water leaks.”