WateReuse stands up for water reuse framework

With Water Week 2017 in full swing, in Washington, DC, the United States of America (USA), WateReuse representatives have gathered to lift water to a national priority for the duration of the National Water Policy Fly-In. Along with other water organisations, WateReuse is conveying a succinct, definite, and united message about the value of water and water infrastructure to Congress and the Trump Administration.

Clean, dependable, water is necessary for communities to promote a healthy economy, strong ecosystems and environmental surroundings, and a high quality of life. Across the nation, recycling water in order to meet demand for drinking, agriculture, energy generation, and production is gaining ground.

“To grow the economy, we need to invest in infrastructure – that means better roads, safer bridges and a sustainable supply of clean water,” WateReuse Executive Director, Melissa Meeker, said during an interview with WaterWorld. “Investing in water recycling will not only create jobs now but also ensure a reliable supply of clean water for sustained economic growth.”

From March 19th to the 25th, professionals of water, recycled water, and wastewater, grass roots supporters, supporters, and stakeholders that number in the hundreds will descend on Washington, DC to campaign for national policies promoting safe, clean, affordable, and sustainable water for Americans from all walks of life. The Rally for Water on March 22nd on the US Capitol grounds will draw the attention of policymakers and citizens alike to the key issues that affect the public access to, and sustainability of, clean, safe water in America. Leading Members of Congress have acquiesced to attend, and speak at, the event.

Water Week’s goals are to bolster the current partnership between the water industry and the federal government; to highlight the significance investment has on research into water and water infrastructure; and to consistently advise governmental departments about pressing water-related issues, and to galvanise action.

Water recycling purifies wastewater for profitable use instead of just discharging it. For the duration of Water Week 2017, WateReuse will carry on its ongoing task of advising legislators and governmental departments about the advantages of water recycling, as well as promoting the investment and bill blueprinted on the association’s 2017 to 2021 Action Agenda to promote widespread use of recycled water.

Source: WaterWorld