Water & Wastewater Asia September/October 2021


Greening efforts to drive water sustainability
Being environmentally sustainable goes beyond premises and manufacturing plants, and requires efforts to green the whole supply chain. Janda Campos, group director, sustainability engagement, Grundfos, shares more with Water & Wastewater Asia on how the company has been driving water and energy efficiencies, as well as improving water access globally.

A robust UF solution for Xiaojihan Coal Mine
Nanostone’s CM-151 technology was Xiaojihan Coal Mine’s choice to deliver incremental capacity without additional cost and complexity of pre-treatment. The anti-fouling characteristic of the CM-151 ceramic membrane required fewer chemical cleanings. In addition, the monolith design of the CM-151 is able to tolerate higher incoming water variability, which optimised the overall process operation by eliminating the pre-filter step.

Yonsan Engineering and Danfoss supply SWRO to multi-island resort complex in the Maldives
The seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) plant, which is responsible to supply potable water to all three CROSSROADS Maldives’ islands, is equipped with Danfoss APP pumps and iSave energy recovery devices.