Water & Wastewater Asia November/December 2022


Fits like a glove: Veolia supports Mölnlycke’s sustainable network
Medical product manufacturer Mölnlycke set out to create a new surgical glove plant in Kedah, Malaysia. Collaborating with water technology provider Veolia, Mölnlycke managed to build a facility that could not only expand their glove manufacturing capacity, but could also use water sustainably. Olivier Estienne, country director for Malaysia at Veolia Water Technologies, shared how Veolia helped Mölnlycke to achieve their goals and what this project means for the future of sustainability in Malaysia.

How Asian governments can reduce physical and commercial water losses
Non-revenue water (NRW) remains one of the biggest obstacles in attaining water sustainability and can have negative consequences if left unchecked. Lavan Thiru, executive director of Infrastructure Asia, shares his thoughts on how Asian governments can mitigate this issue through collaboration, technology and infrastructural investments.

Water-energy-food-material nexus: The next frontier
Water, energy, food and materials form the foundation of industrial human society and are interconnected with one another through a complex nexus of relationships. Achieving sustainability is thus a multifold solution where all elements need to be factored in together. Ecosoftt’s co-founder and CEO, Marcus Lim, and Ramakrishna Mallampati, senior manager, design and innovation, detail how their company intends to close the various loops in sustainability through their various projects and products.