Water & Wastewater Asia November/December 2021


ABB’s technology addresses water scarcity in Singapore
Singapore has been using desalination as part of the solution to its water supply issue to provide sufficient clean drinking water for its ever-growing population of 5.5 million. Though surrounded by water, having enough drinking water has always been a challenge for this island state. The current demand for drinking is up to 430 million gallons a day. The Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant (KMEDP) is the latest step of Singapore using advanced technology to help address their water challenge.

Key trends to focus for 2022: The digital opportunity of the water industry
The water industry will continue evolving over the next decade to keep up with the new and existing challenges brought about by urbanisation, industrialisation, ever-changing customer needs, and not forgetting the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Most importantly, climate change continues to have significant implications. The 2030 deadline of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is imminent, and we still have a long way to go.

Filter press with AODD pumps
Faced with concerns over equipment efficiency and product process, a filter press manufacturer turns to Seko for a multi-purpose solution.