Water & Wastewater Asia May/Jun 2021


The global leader in variable speed control of electric motors
Danfoss Drives recognises and addresses the megatrends affecting the world today. Through their innovative technology, the company ensures customers are getting the most out of their drives and applications. Krisada Phetsuksiri, head of Asia Pacific and India Regions, Danfoss Drives, shares how Danfoss Drives are able to help professionals to optimise their engineering tasks in the most demanding installations.

The water treatment solutions provider
Water is the earth’s lifeblood, and is connected to every pillar of the society. From prople to cities, food and commodities, water covers 70% of the earth’s surface, uet just 3% of this is safe to drink, and is taken for granted – depleting at an alarming rate. By doing so, the earth will soon run out of water. That is, unless the world turns to sustainable water treatment solutions such as deslination and reuse, shares Michael(Miki) Tramer, vice president, Sales and Marketing of IDE Technologies.

The game-changing technology
Mirroring the natural hydrological cycle process: evaporation, condensation and precipitation, with only the sun as the energy source, Solar Water’s technology ensures fresh water is supplied in a carbon neutral, cost effective manner.