Water & Wastewater Asia March/April 2024


Saving water with Audi and everwave
Automotive manufacturer of luxury vehicles Audi is on a mission to half its water consumption by 2035. Green startup everwave utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate data collection to clean up waste in rivers. Individually, both have their own climate-resilient strategies to save water. By combining forces, they do more.

“Water is blue gold and we need to take care of it”
With two decades at Veolia Water Technologies, CEO Arnaud Valleteau speaks about spearheading Veolia as a leader of the ecological transformation and its three-year plan kickstarting in 2024.

Navigating the dual challenges of flooding and water scarcity in the climate change era
Tack’s EVO series introduces the Floodfinder, a flood monitoring system equipped with artificial intelligence (AI)-powered smart data analytics in water crisis management.