Water & Wastewater Asia January/February 2023


“Data is the new water”: Monitoring water infrastructure with digital twins
The vice-president of civil infrastructure with Bentley Systems shares how digital twinning contributes to healthier and longer-lasting water infrastructure by building water treatment plants, developing flood warning systems and detecting cracks and leakages in pipes and sewers.

From unknown organism to effluent remover: The story of Anammox
Anammox, an ammonium wastewater removal process, could be a carbon-friendly alternative to present technologies. Three leaders in the academia and wastewater industry share their expertise on anaerobic ammonia oxidation.

Micro effects, Macro leaps: Effective irrigation in a water scarce world
The race towards conservation starts with a drop. Find out how the sustainable approach of micro-irrigation solutions provider Rivulis Egypt supports farmers in the face of rapidly depleting water resources and increasing demand for agricultural commodities.