Water velocity measurements – whatever the weather

The OTT SVR 100 non-contact surface water velocity radar sensor has been designed to overcome the challenges presented by monitoring water resources that can quickly change from languid flow to a raging torrent.

“If you need to monitor the velocity of a river, it is often better to do so from above, so that your sensor is not affected by high water or debris,” explained OTT MD Nigel Grimsley.

“The OTT SVR 100 was therefore designed to be mounted at a fixed point on a bridge for example, away from potential flooding. However, uncertainties can also arise from vibration caused by wind or traffic, so the SVR also has integrated vibration and tilt sensors to ensure that these effects do not harm the quality of the monitoring data.”

The sensor is compact, simple to install, and with a power-down feature operates from a long lasting battery, that can be charged by a solar panel.

Velocity measurements and sensor status information from the vibration and tilt sensors are available via SDI-12, RS-232, RS-485, and Modbus protocol.

Summarising, Nigel said, “We have designed this sensor for long-lasting remote operation with almost no requirement for service or calibration. As the threat of flooding increases, the value of real-time data grows, but with the SVR 100 the cost of ownership is minimal.”