Water problems can now be solved immediately with LuminUltra Cloud

There now a way to keep potable water safe and uncontaminated and industrial and wastewater systems running more effortlessly with a platform supporting real-time analysis and regular sampling of data provided by LuminUltra Cloud™ that was officially inaugurated on 3rd April, Monday.

“The traditional approach to microbiological problems is to solve them in a reactionary way,” President and CEO of LuminUltra, Pat Whalen said. “With LuminUltra Cloud, there is now a better way – a away to get in front of the problem before it gets worse. It’s now possible for anyone, anywhere to collect relevant microbiological data, instantly share it with colleagues and gain insight through collaboration and automated analysis. This package truly represents a huge leap forward in how data from water systems is collected and used.”

LuminUltra is committed to offering simple, quick methods to clients and consumers to guard against microbiological concerns and problems in water, and it’s latest release, LuminUltra Cloud™, is groundbreaking in regards to a more proactive and efficient use of water quality data. LuminUltra Cloud utilises a Bluetooth-enabled handheld testing devise along with a cloud-connected mobile application to amass and analyse the data given by the water sample much faster and judiciously than what was thought possible before. The equipment offers operators immediate and high-level situational awareness and also comes with alarms to help with recognising problems in less time.

Conceptualised and developed over a period of two years, the new software platform has gone through a tough product verification and testing process that included numerous water system operators working in the industry. As a result, LuminUltra Cloud can be utilised in the field in order to record the data tested, produce graphs, and review trends that take shape over time. These functions are not exclusive to the second-generation ATP® testing data (LuminUltra’s Adenosine Triphosphate-based test to evaluate its technology), but can also be used on any other water quality or system data. Through the application, the data can be organised according to site specification, and able to tag sample locales with the included GPS. Not far into the future, the platform will provide users with the option of producing customised reports, set and schedule the necessary workflow to facilitate and simplify the regular testing schedules , as well as import the data from the spreadsheets.

“Today, there could be a drinking water operator using a logbook in the field and jotting down measurements on the fly, and maybe then putting them in a centralised system or a filing cabinet back at the office,” Whalen continued. “Our platform will provide them with an automated means to instantly log data and obtain feedback right away so they can immediately respond to any concerns the system identifies, thus better protecting public health.”

LuminUltra Cloud is available now to iOS users on the App Store and Android Users via Google Play. From June 12th to 14th, LuminUltra will be one of the exhibitors at ACE17, the American Water Works Association’s Annual Conference and Exhibition held in Philadelphia. There, the company will offer a demo of the LuminUltra platform as well as their exhaustive range of products.