Water Planet Wins Prestigious Technology Idol Award for Its IntelliFlux™ Automated Self-Adaptive Control Technology at 2016 Global Water Awards

Water Planet and its IntelliFlux™ artificial intelligence-based Self-Adaptive Flux Enhancement and Recovery technology have won the highly coveted Technology Idol Award at the 2016 Global Water Summit held in Abu Dhabi. Part of the Global Water Awards, this accolade is conferred upon the company whose technology “could change the future of the water market.”

This is the second time that Water Planet has received an award in the Technology Idol competition. The company received the Distinction Award at the 2013 Global Water Awards for its PolyCera®, a new polymeric membrane material that exhibits properties commonly associated with ceramic membranes.

“Water Planet is honored to be selected as the winner of the Technology Idol Award against a field of great new technologies. Our IntelliFlux artificial intelligence-based controls technology represents a breakthrough for water treatment membrane and filtration systems, and its success demonstrates our commitment to be global leaders in innovative water technology solutions,” said CEO Eric Hoek.

IntelliFlux is fully automated, self-adaptive filtration process control software developed to optimize the performance of filtration systems in the most challenging applications. The “brains” in membrane systems, IntelliFlux learns how the filter responds to the influent water quality to determine custom-optimized flux maintenance actions (i.e., backwash, CIP, regeneration, etc.). As influent quality and/or membranes change over time, IntelliFlux automatically adapts and adjusts flux maintenance protocols in real-time to ensure stable system performance with maximum water recovery, process uptime and filter media useful life.

IntelliFlux can be used to control MF, UF, NF and RO membranes as well as virtually any other filtration media that requires periodic backwashing, cleaning or regeneration. It works in membrane systems designed to meet a wide array of applications including oil & gas produced water treatment (conventional, EOR, fracking, offshore); chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverage waste treatment; refining, power and other industrial water treatment/recycling/reuse; seawater desalination pre-treatment for algae bloom resilience; and critical filtration in aerospace, automotive and biomedical industries.

Water Planet’s membrane filtration systems – powered by IntelliFlux – offer efficient hydraulic designs, robust membrane materials and integrated pre-treatment needed to deliver better performance, less energy demand and lower operating costs than our competition.