Water Planet Teams Up with Osmoflo to Develop Remote Monitoring and Response Infrastructure for Systems Powered by IntelliFlux™ Controls

Water Planet, a global supplier of high-performance membrane-based water treatment solutions, has signed an agreement with Osmoflo, a global leader in desalination and wastewater treatment, to adapt Osmoflo’s PlantConnect® remote monitoring software and response infrastructure to support Water Planet’s IMS-5000 Produced Water Treatment Solution installations.

In addition to leveraging the power of IntelliFlux fully automated, self-adaptive flux enhancement and recovery controls technology residing onboard IMS-5000 units, the remote monitoring infrastructure will include access to Osmoflo’s 24/7 call center to offer clients comprehensive, real-time operation & maintenance (O&M) support. Features include automatic emails or SMS notifications for critical alarms, preventative maintenance alerts, and detailed energy consumption and performance data. Remote monitoring O&M support will be available as an add-on service offering to support Water Planet’s IMS-5000 customers around the world.

“This development expands Water Planet’s O&M service offering and provides significant value to our customer’s ongoing operations. Osmoflo is recognized as one of the world’s leading companies in desalination and wastewater treatment solutions, with world class capabilities and international coverage. Our collaboration provides a solution that combines our leading-edge technologies and delivers world-class service to Water Planet’s customers,” said Eric Hoek, Chief Executive Officer of Water Planet.

“This collaboration signifies an exciting time for Water Planet and Osmoflo. Innovation is at the heart of both Water Planet and Osmoflo, which together we will deliver to clients globally,” said Emmanuel Gayan, Chief Executive Officer of the Osmoflo Group.

Water Planet’s award winning IMS-5000 Produced Water Treatment Solution – powered by IntelliFlux – is an integrated system comprising up-front mechanical oil-water separation to capture free oil and settleable solids followed by ceramic ultrafiltration membranes to eliminate oil and suspended solids. Due to its robust design and IntelliFlux controls, the system can handle continuous operating temperatures up to 85 degrees Celsius as well as high and variable influent oil and solids concentrations typical in oil & gas produced waters.

An IMS-5000 system can replace both flotation and nutshell filter units while delivering improved water quality at a lower cost, which is ideal when disposal options are limited and/or further upgrading for reuse is required.