Water Planet, a global supplier of high-performance membrane-based water treatment solutions, has moved its corporate headquarters and manufacturing operations to a new location at 8915 La Cienega Boulevard in Inglewood, California.

The new facility provides 6,700 square feet of additional office and manufacturing space to accommodate the company’s growth and meet its rapidly increasing demand for PolyCera® membranes. The new manufacturing space increases WPI’s production capabilities for PolyCera by a factor of 12X and will meet the company’s projected PolyCera sales through 2020. Moreover the production capacity can be further expanded by up to 4X within the new facility to meet demands.

Water Planet’s campus now consists of three buildings: the new corporate headquarters and PolyCera manufacturing facility, IntelliFlux® systems engineering and tech services, and the company’s research & development laboratories.

“Since our founding in 2011, Water Planet continues to experience rapid growth as the marketplace embraces our game-changing technologies including PolyCera ultrafiltration membrane products and IntelliFlux ultrafiltration system controls, which represents the water treatment industry’s first application of artificial intelligence to improve performance and reliability of membrane systems. This move enables us to expand our ability to meet accelerating customer demand for these disruptive technologies, while we continue to innovate,” said Eric Hoek, Water Planet’s Chief Executive Officer.

Based on Nobel Prize winning chemistry that was developed into membrane technology at UCLA and then commercialized by Water Planet, PolyCera is a groundbreaking membrane filtration technology based on advanced polymeric materials that sets a totally new benchmark for membrane performance and cost. PolyCera offers exceptional performance characteristics previously found only with ceramic membranes but with a dramatic economic advantage. Introduced just a few months ago, PolyCera is being deployed in industrial water reuse in refining, power, food & beverage and oil & gas applications, in municipal wastewater in tertiary filtration and MBR form-factors as well as for POU/POE drinking water.