Water innovation fast-tracked by BlueTech-WIN agreement

Ola Hansson, manager, WIN Water; Maria Sätherström Lantz, CEO, WIN Water; Paul O’Callaghan, chief executive, BlueTech Research

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed by BlueTech Research and WIN Water at the 2022 International Water Association World Water Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark. The agreement commits the two organisations to drive faster access to the global water market for water innovations.

The one-year MOU sets out goals for future collaboration between WIN Water and BlueTech, and defines activities to initiate and build the relationship. These include the creation of tracker profiles of WIN Water’s innovation company members to support their exposure to market and the attendance and engagement of WIN Water at BlueTech Research events.

Recognised as a leading source of expertise in the area of innovative water technologies through its expertise in technology assessment and market analysis, BlueTech Research has chosen to collaborate with WIN Water to reach more innovative companies in the water industry.

“The team at BlueTech Research are incredibly excited about this collaboration with WIN Water,” said Paul O’Callaghan, CEO of BlueTech Research. “It means the scope of analysis for innovative technologies can expand beyond what is currently possible. The goal is for BlueTech to help even more businesses achieve their potential by developing robust market strategies and supporting acquisitions and the uptake of innovative technologies in utilities and municipalities and throughout the industry.

“There has never been a more important time to connect new technologies with water utilities around the world and the IWA World Water Congress has provided the perfect backdrop to start this promising collaboration,” he added.

WIN Water seeks to help new innovations gain faster access to the water market and is committed to co-creating innovations for a sustainable future. The organisation’s main goal is to increase the speed of change in the water sector.

Ola Hansson, manager at WIN Water, said, “WIN Water and BlueTech Research are a natural collaborative partnership Both companies are driven by a passion to accelerate progress and ingenuity in the water innovation and enable a marketplace to create water winners. WIN Water is very excited to attend BlueTech Research’s renowned innovation events as part of our MOU, and create mutual benefits not only for the two companies, but for our respective members and partner organisations.”   

WIN Water has more than 90 members, including small innovative companies as well as large corporate partners, universities, and water utilities. Partners contribute to WIN by providing support to start-up companies, facilitating market access, and providing test beds, in addition to personal and financial contributions as members.

BlueTech Research has built a reputation for providing custom research to water technology companies, start-ups, investors, and research institutes. The company holds an innovation showcase at its annual BlueTech Forum and runs the innovation pavilions at the WEFTEC and Aquatech Amsterdam events to provide a platform for emerging technologies with the most potential.