Water industry leader to join Micromet

Water industry leader Andy Roberts will join emerging wastewater management company Micromet as CEO.

Roberts will finish as CEO of South Australian-based cluster the Water Industry Alliance in May.

Micromet this month signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Chinese industrial group Dadongwu in Adelaide is setting up a manufacturing plant in South Australia and aims to produce 50 of its six-module machines a month within a year.

The company’s six-module machines use continuous flow electrolysis methods, can clean 12-litres a second with a residence time of just 50 minutes and can be deployed in a standard 40-foot shipping container.

Roberts has been Water Industry Alliance CEO since 2011 and has helped drive the expansion of South Australian companies into international markets, particularly China, India and the ASEAN region.

He said Micromet faced the exciting challenge of taking South Australian technology and exporting it to the world.

“These are the sorts of challenges we’ve seen a lot of our members face over the years and I’d like to be part of helping one of these companies do it,” he said.

“The water industry in South Australia has got a very good track record of exporting right around the world with a number of companies already doing it such as Philmac, Sentek, Optimatics and SRA.

“It was good timing for me having been at the Water Industry Alliance now for five years and it’s good timing for the alliance to have someone else to come in and put their own imprint on it and Micromet had a clear opportunity so the stars just aligned.”

Roberts will replace Micromet founder and current CEO Jim Townsend who will take up the position of Micromet Managing Director to focus on strategic direction and R&D.

Water Industry Alliance Chair Judith Bradsen said Roberts’ commitment and contribution would be missed.

“But we look forward to maintaining a close relationship with him. We are excited by the opportunity to identify a new Chief Executive and to use this opportunity to review and refresh our WIA,” she said.