Water Corporation completes water supply project in Leeman, Australia

State-owned Water Corporation, in alliance with the Government of Western Australia, has completed a water supply project in Leeman, a Mid-West town.

Intended to improve the town’s water supply reliability, the AUD $2.7m (SGD $2.5m) project was commenced last September. It involved the replacement of an old elevated water tank with a new booster pump station.

The booster pump station, which was built at the existing tank site, enables direct water supply from the Mount Peron ground level tank to the local community.

This new station is said to offer better water pressure and water supply reliability to the town.

Water Minister Dave Kelly said: “Leeman is just one of the many towns across regional Western Australia which will benefit from the development and upgrade of essential water and wastewater infrastructure in 2019-20.

“Last financial year, the McGowan Government, through the Water Corporation, invested AUD $25.9m (SGD $24.3m) in water projects in the Mid-West region and that number will jump to AUD $35.2m (SGD $33m) this financial year.”

The Leeman town’s water supply falls under the Leeman-Greenhead Scheme, which caters to approximately 900 households and businesses in surrounding regions.

Moreover, the Leeman water supply upgrades were carried out as part of the government’s spend of $25.9m through Water Corporation last financial year in the Mid-West region.

Last month, the government completed an AUD $3.4m (SGD $3.2m) project in the Town of Cambridge, renovating 4.4km of wastewater pipe in an effort to extend its lifespan by a minimum of 50 years.