Water company performance survey seeks supplier views

Water sector supply chain companies are being invited to share their experiences of working with UK utilities over the past 12 months.

British Water’s annual Water Company Performance Survey asks organisations to rate their clients’ performance on 11 topics, including professionalism, contractual approach, procurement, innovation and communication.

The survey is open to both British Water members and non-members and views of individuals are sought rather than a corporate standpoint.

Lila Thompson, chief executive at British Water, said: “Our 2021 Water Company Performance Survey is an opportunity for the supplier community to share their individual perspectives on how they’ve found engagement with water companies.

“Innovation was the lowest scoring area in 2020, and it would be good to see if measures such as the launch of the sector’s Water Innovation 2050 Strategy, Ofwat’s Innovation Fund and updates of many water company innovation portals have had a positive impact on the supply chain. I am also keen to see how water companies have fared on AMP transition and other areas, given the challenges COVID-19 presented at the outset of AMP7.

“Since it launched in 2003, the survey has become a highly regarded source of information for water companies, who valued and, where possible, act on the feedback received. The results also enable each water company to see how they compare with others.

“I’d encourage supply chain organisations of all sizes to complete the survey and help shape the future of the industry.”