Water Alliance presents the Holland Innovation Park

Water Alliance will present a new initiative during the international trade fair Aquatech Amsterdam: The Holland Innovation Park (HIP). HIP has the aim to provide a platform for relatively young companies with promising innovations, at one of the most important water technology events in the world.

The Holland Innovation Park is part of the Holland Pavilion, which is mutually hosted by Water Alliance and the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP). The park will be showcased in the centre of the Pavilion. “This location is a conscious choice.” says Agnes Dirksen, Marketing & Communication Manager at Water Alliance. “The Holland Pavilion has already proven itself at countless international fairs; it attracts lots of visitors and creates many matchmaking opportunities – a textbook example of how far the right cooperation can get you. With the Holland Innovation Park, we have the objective to contribute to that. Our goal is to put less mature – but innovative – companies on display, on a location where you also have a certain peace and space to come to a good conversation with interesting parties. “

“However, there are some significant rules for participating in the HIP,” adds Dirksen. “The company’s technology must be ready to market and has to come from either a start-up or a scale-up. That could be a young company, but it can also be a separate and innovative department of an enterprise. “

The park seems to be the place for visitors with a heart for pioneering innovations. A good example of such an innovation might be the renowed Hydraloop. Hydraloop, inventor of a smart in-house water recycling system, won the Water Alliance’s WIS award in 2018 and managed to drag in prize after prize thereupon. Visitors can also come across companies as BW Products (intelligent sand filters), Drop2Drink (water purification systems that filter rainwater into safe drinking water; nominated for the Dutch Innovation Award 2019), Befil (drum filters and biopumps for ponds), Van Remmen (UV- disinfection systems) Vislift (an ingenious system for fish passages) and Metalmembranes. Metalmembranes combines electrochemical processing with membrane science to achieve exceptional results. According to Dirksen, further innovations and scoops cannot be excluded. “The developments are – of course – constantly continuing and innovations can get into the rapids at any time. The company CTST has already announced two special innovations.