Wanner aids wastewater to drinking water process

Wanner International has joined forces with Luxembourg-based manufacturer of custom water treatment systems, Apateq, to produce effluent water with drinking water quality from a contaminated landfill site.

Wanner has supplied three of its Hydra-Cell T100 ultra-high-pressure reverse osmosis (RO) process pumps to Apateq as part of its five RO stages for processing leachate at a treatment plant in Sicily, Italy.

Apateq’s ultrafiltration (UF) pre-treatment removes 100 per cent of suspended solids and microorganisms from the contaminated water. A post treatment with a 3-stage reverse osmosis treats the UF permeate, which removes the rest of the dissolved salts and other solubles. The effluent water is then purified to achieve drinking water quality. Two additional high-pressure reverse osmosis systems will be used for to reduce the volume of the first reverse osmosis stage brine flow.

Wanner’s Hydra-Cell pumps run at up to 10 m³/h at 120 bar (1740 psi) at the two high pressure reverse osmosis systems and up to 15 m³/h at 80 bar at the reverse osmosis stage 1.