Views sought on UK water innovation strategy

Sector-wide views on the UK 2050 water innovation strategy are being sought, to inform the future direction of the joint document.

SES Water presented its iDMA project at Spring’s first innovation showcase webinar

Spring, the UK and Ireland centre of excellence for water innovation, is inviting water professionals to complete a survey to share their views on how they see the strategy developing, three years on from its publication. Feedback received will be considered during a planned refresh of the document, to ensure it remains valuable to today’s water sector.

The UK 2050 water innovation strategy was published in 2020 by 19 UK water and wastewater companies, containing seven key themes and ambitions to work towards. It was said to be the first time the sector had outlined its vision for collectively delivering transformative innovation. In 2021, Spring was launched to support the sector in delivering the ambitions set out in the strategy.

Imelda Fossu, Spring communications and engagement manager

Imelda Fossu, Spring communications and engagement manager, said: “The UK 2050 water innovation strategy was created with a common purpose of driving change in our sector through collaborative innovation. It is an opportune moment to shape the future of water in the UK. That is why we are seeking the views of the sector ahead of updating the strategy. The survey asks participants for their views on the effectiveness and relevance of the current themes, what areas they see as working well and where adjustments could be made. The survey should take no more than two minutes, I would encourage anyone with an interest in water innovation to take part and have your views heard.”