Vertiflo Pump Company offers external flush

The Series 2100 trash- and solids-handling self-priming centrifugal pumps from US-based Vertiflo Pump Company, allow easy access to the impeller and case to remove debris and have an optional external flush, resulting in extended seal life.

The company says the optional external flush is an industry first. The pumps also have an oversized, tapered bore and a self-flushing seal chamber, a back pullout design with external impeller adjustment and a replaceable case wearplate, enabling continuous high levels of performance.

The Series 2100 has capacities to 1300 GPM, heads to 112 ft TDH and is available in 3-in, 4-in and 6-in sizes. It is capable of handling solids with up to 3-in diameter spheres.  Additionally, the suction lifts to 25 ft.

The Series 2100 is designed for a wide range of applications including liquids entrained with solids, general industrial applications, pulp and paper, mining, meat packing, raw sewage, sludge, slurries, trash and wastewater. The standard construction of the pumps is all iron and all CD4MCu, a high-grade duplex stainless steel for abrasives handling.