Veolia Water Technologies supplies ABF with turnkey solutions and wastewater technologies

Associated British Foods (Thailand) Ltd’s wastewater treatment plant, designed and built by Veolia Water Technologies, is nothing short of an achievement: Though faced with an incredibly limited amount of space, Veolia was able to provide ABF with a compact and robust plant that integrated several of Veolia’s innovative technologies within ABF’s Ovaltine manufacturing facility in Samutprakarn, Bangkok.

The wastewater plant allows ABF to handle its wastewater treatment needs on premise, and the plant’s capacity is catered to both existing, as well as future flow requirements.

“Working with ABF shows how we can effectively provide a full range of wastewater solutions from start to end,” Michael Poonpipat, the Business Development Director at Veolia Water Technologies, said. “Our experience in the food and beverage industry has equipped us with the know-how to mitigate the client’s concerns, and we are confident of meeting their project expectations.”

But the fact that the wastewater facility was designed and built for such a compact area in a mixed commercial and residential space that is turning heads.

“The existing plant is in a mixed commercial and residential area,” Poonpipat shared.

Thus, for the wastewater plant, Veolia recommended key technologies that could effectively treat their wastewater volumes and COD loads, and stacked them one of top of another, while also complying with the eight-metre height restriction.

“To accommodate the limited land area, we incorporated space-saving technologies from Veolia.  Compact and effective wastewater technologies have become more popular in recent years as countries continue to tackle land constraint challenges, and we are noticing that this is happening in Thailand as well,” Poonpipat continued. “And using Veolia’s technologies, we were able to contain majority of the odour successfully.”

“Veolia was very flexible to accommodate and follow ABF’s requirements, as well as to raise the bar,” Rolf Haas, t he Regional Engineering Manager for ABF, explained. “But in terms of the compactness of the plant, Veolia had the most attractive proposal, because they were also flexible enough to say, ‘Okay, we’ll try harder.’”

“I can confidently say that this is the most compact wastewater treatment plant in all of Thailand,” Poonpipat concluded.


All images are credited to Associated British Foods (Thailand)

The full article will be published in Water & Wastewater Asia’s upcoming September/October issue.