Veolia Water Technologies launches AQUAVISTA™ digital services for ELGA LabWater

A branch of Veolia Water Technology, ELGA LabWater has been working with scientists to design and deliver pure and ultrapure water for their research and lab work. AQUAVISTA™, Veolia Water Technologies’ platform of digital services, is now available with ELGA systems to support scientists and clinicians, freeing them to explore, create and build better societies.  

AQUAVISTA is a digital platform based on Internet of Things, in-house water treatment expertise and advanced analytics, and contributes to laboratory effectiveness throughout the entire ELGA LabWater range. The remote monitoring water system minimises interruption and intervention. Ever-present vigilance delivers automated compliance, which in combination with unlimited operational expertise removes the distractions that undermine the pursuit of new knowledge and patient care.

Thanks to its intensive innovation programme, ELGA, as a major player into the Life Science and Healthcare market, has always matched clients’ expectations in terms of compliance and high standards of water quality, as well as ergonomic and reliable design.

Nora Ikene, Managing Director of ELGA Global Platform, stated: “The integration into ELGA products of AQUAVISTA digital services allows end users to view, monitor and manage the efficiency of ELGA’s class leading pure and ultrapure water systems wherever they are globally”. She added: “ELGA has built a global reputation for quality, value and service within the most prestigious clinical and research organisations. Thanks to the disruptive solution developed by our scientists and engineers, our clients are able to optimise their system and service relationship on a daily basis. Real time access will ensure traceability, standard compliance and access our Labwater specialists worldwide”.