Veolia Water Technologies introduces new deoiling technology

CoaFil replaces two or three steps of the classic deoiling treatment process, and is designed for higher feed concentrations of oil and solids for very low discharges.

With vast experience in the oil and gas industry, Veolia Water Technologies offers a wide range of deoiling technologies for the removal of oil and suspended solids. As environmental regulations become more stringent and global water demand increases, new technologies are being developed to meet these new requirements. The company has then introduced the new deoiling technology CoaFil, which meets the requirements of the oil and gas industry for discharge, water reuse, or reinjection applications.

CoaFil is designed for higher oil and solids feeds while achieving very low discharge levels of less than 1ppm. The oleophobic media repels oil for an easier backwash and reduces the risk of mud-balling for a better, consistent outlet quality.

As a single technology, CoaFil eliminates the need for conventional secondary and tertiary treatment steps such as the induced gas flotation, nutshell filters, and media and sand filters. This not only reduces costs but also simplifies the entire treatment process.

With four models available, CoaFil is designed and standardised to the standards of the oil and gas industry, benefitting from Veolia Water Technologies’ expertise. It is available as a vertical vessel with internal and media supply for single or series units based on feed and discharge requirements. The media of existing filters can also be replaced by CoaFil’s media, and pilot testing is available for feasibility and performance.