Veolia Water Technologies confirms growth in mobile water services with investment in regeneration facility and new mobile assets to cover the Middle East and Gulf region

Veolia Water Technologies, a subsidiary of the Veolia group, has continued its investment in its mobile water services offering through the development and construction of a new regeneration and recycling service centre and mobile assets in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. The facility will regenerate and recycle the resins used in the mobile water treatment process, a key sector of activity for Veolia.

Following the opening of a similar facility in Heinsberg, Germany, the new Dammam service centre is another key expansion of the company’s mobile water services and demonstrates its commitment to invest to support its Impact 2023 strategy. The location will grant access to regional industrial manufacturing, supporting customer operations throughout the Kingdom as well as Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Egypt, providing them with long-term value and support through local access to this flexible and innovative service.

Mobile water systems represent a cost-effective alternative to fixed plants in a wide range of industrial applications and circumstances, be it an emergency situation or planned for commissioning, refurbishment, or maintenance applications. Contracts can range from a few days to multi-year agreements. Mobile water treatment systems are pre-packaged on trailer, skid or container for maximum mobility and responsiveness.

Mark Dyson, vice-president of Veolia’s mobile water business, explained: “This service centre enables us to bring our innovative service to support our customers in the region with mobile water treatment technologies and expertise anytime and anywhere. This service will enable our customers to have greater resilience around business continually and ensure a reliable and compliant supply of treated water in the event of an unforeseen circumstance, providing peace of mind and stable operations.

“In addition, customers will be able to maintain their plants whilst in full production, and have the option of using a service provider on a more permanent basis for our longer-term rental solutions.”

Besides the regeneration capability, the centre will be equipped to maintain, service and store all Veolia’s mobile water services assets, spare parts and consumables. A team of people dedicated to this service will organise, deliver, regenerate and support these activities.

The new facility is expected to be fully operational in mid-September.

Thierry Froment, CEO of Veolia Water Technologies Middle East, concluded: “Mobile water services are key part of Veolia’s Impact 2023 strategy, and contribute to businesses being more resilient in the face of planned or unforeseen events. This offering strengthens our portfolio of services in the region and allows us to help and support our customers to address many of their treated water needs in a safe and responsible way. Dammam is the base to do it from and this investment will ensure we maintain our market leadership.”

Veolia Water Technologies has also invested in its Malaysian regeneration station to expand its capability from a service ion-exchange recycling business to being able to offer Veolia’s full ion-exchange range of mobile water services. Located in Penang, the service centre will be able to support and help its customers within Asia-Pacific region, starting with Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. The expansion is planned to be available at the end of 2021.