Veolia teams up with the City of Gloucester to operate and maintain systems for wastewater


Veolia has teamed up with the City of Gloucester to maintain and operate their systems for wastewater treatment. Photo credit: Veolia

Veolia Water North America – Northeast LLC recently was awarded a new publicly-bid eight-year contract to manage the wastewater treatment and potable water plants for the City of Gloucester, Massachusetts, United States of America (USA). The organisation has been the city’s partner for operations and maintenance of its water and wastewater since 2009.

“Protecting our waterways and ensuring safe drinking water for our residents has always been a top priority for the City of Gloucester,” Director of Public Works, Michael Hale, said in an interview. “We’re fortunate to have a like-minded partner in Veolia that prioritises the health and safety of our community and the environment above all else. Through this collaboration over the past seven years, Veolia has helped to deliver superb water quality and treatment services, while supporting the city in advancing millions of dollars in infrastructure improvements.”

The contract terms stipulate that Veolia is accountable for operating and maintaining a primary wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 5.15 million gallons (19.5 million litres) a day, two 5 million gallon (18.9 million litres) water filtration plants, three water storage tanks with two raw water transfer stations and one booster pump station, and a seasonal satellite water filtration plant, all while also managing the various treatment programmes for industrial pretreatment, residuals, and fats, oils and greases (FOG).

The City of Gloucester also awarded the organisation a separate eight-year contract to maintain and operate the residential sewer systems as well as sewage pump systems because of Veolia’s outstanding past history in managing both its water and wastewater infrastructure. This increased sphere of work only serves to underline Veolia’s expertise in operations and maintenance as well as long-term promise to the city.

“One of our most basic and essential needs as human beings is access to safe, clean drinking water,” President and COO of Veolia North America’s Municipal & Commercial business, John Gibson, said. “As the city’s [operations and maintenance] partner, we take this responsibility very seriously and we’re honoured to extend this contract with the City of Gloucester. The renewal of this partnership reflects the commitment by the city to continue delivering superior drinking water quality, operations compliance and safety, while also helping to protect the community’s precious natural resources.”

Source: Business Wire