Veolia launches SIRION™ Pro

Through its business unit SOLYS, Veolia Water Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of the SIRION™ Pro range, a simplified version of the SIRION™ RO range. A compact, plug-and-play system which integrates AQUAVISTA™ digital services, SIRION™ Pro is dedicated to high-quality industrial process water production.

In January 2020, Solys began to expand its SIRION RO product line by introducing the SIRION™  Advanced. Recognisable by its latest-generation design, this model is a true plug-and-play product, the most user-friendly standard small RO skid available on the market, developed to be easily used by maintenance technicians and end-users.

Today, Veolia is responding to customers’ demands for both high-end and entry-level products with the unveiling of the new SIRION Pro. It stands out by offering more basic features, a choice of 4 different options, at a lower cost.

Both SIRION Advanced and SIRION Pro are capable of removing up to 98% of dissolved inorganics and over 99% of large dissolved organics, colloids and particles. Applicable to most industrial sectors and reuse applications projects, they include 11 models covering permeate flow rates from 100 to 5,000 l/h.

Main new features include:

  • Modern 7″ touchscreen HMI
  • Veolia-design easy to integrate into standardised treatment lines
  • Easy transportation: the membrane pressure vessel length has been reduced to only 1 meter
  • Fast commissioning: upgraded design does not require dismantling and reassembly on-site, system starts-up within 2 hours!
  • User-friendly service with the instrumentation and valves at the front of the unit for easy maintenance and operation (no hidden connection)
  • New controller VEOLIA RO40. Possibility to monitor and control locally with the HMI or remotely with AQUAVISTA™ digital services
  • Packaged with service contract through Veolia worldwide service network