Veolia introduces SENSA reverse osmosis system for cosmetics industry

Veolia Water Technologies has announced the launch of SENSA, a double-pass reverse osmosis (RO) that produces demineralised water with low conductivity and bacteria for the cosmetics industry.

The SENSA complements Veolia’s existing range of water treatment solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, which also addresses the needs of the cosmetics industry. The system is capable of producing different kinds of water outlet qualities for applications such as ultrapure water production, industrial process water production and utility.

SENSA is a RO system, where water gets purified through a membrane. This purification process is repeated twice in SENSA’s double-pass RO configuration to achieve higher water quality – removing more than 99% of salts and producing water with a conductivity as low as 5µS/cm, Veolia claimed. With six skid-mounted units, it is a high-availability system with flow rates range from 1.4-10m3/h depending on the inlet water quality.

SENSA is also an eco-friendly system providing high water recovery to minimise water losses of up to 90%. It boasts a plug-and-play unit ready for clean-in-place operation and offers remote monitoring and control as well as easy access for maintenance. Tapping on Veolia’s expertise, SENSA is fully designed and standardised with models available according to European standards.

Local after-sales service and support teams offer preventative and corrective maintenance programmes to ensure long-term, efficient operation of installed plants. In addition, SENSA is compatible with Hubgrade, Veolia’s digital monitoring solution. Veolia’s customers can benefit from the secure cloud-based offer that provides advanced data analyses and interpretation, allowing for real-time solutions to continuously optimise the operation of the equipment.